Simple Procedure is far from simple, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it

IMG_3285Simple Procedure is the new name for the small claims court. Over the past four months I’ve been through the process to recover money owing from a former landlord who failed to return a rental deposit. I won my case, but it was handled so poorly by the court that it might serve as a warning to others, and could help you be prepared for the challenges you may face.

I also learned a thing or two about how the process is stacked against the person making the claim, so I’ll mention those too as they’re not obvious.

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Apple’s missing headphone socket is a warning of deadly arrogance

We’ve seen over the past couple of days that a lot of people are angry about Apple removing the headphone socket from the next iPhone. Personally it doesn’t affect me. My iPhone 6 Plus will be my last iPhone, so anything missing from the new one is irrelevant to me. But Apple’s decision to drop the headphone socket is something that should concern — and indeed frighten — everyone.

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