Rip-off retailers SELLING free Star Wars expansion

If you’re playing Star Wars Battlefront, and loving it as much as I am, then no doubt you’re looking forward to the free Battle of Jakku expansion that’s coming out on 8 December. And if, like me, you pre-ordered the base game, then you should be getting the expansion a week early.

Be warned, though, that some retailers have different ideas, and have been holding back the early access codes that should have been sent out with pre-orders. And worse, they’re now selling those codes.

The guilty parties are, perhaps unsurprisingly, the “discount” web sites that sell cheap CD keys. A quick Google search shows that CDKeys, GamesRocket, GamesDeal and MMOGA are all selling the free expansion, with prices ranging from 99p to £3.95.

It was CDKeys that I pre-ordered the base game from. When I asked why I hadn’t received the Jakku early access code, they told me:

We are selling Battle of Jakku DLC as a separate item. It isn’t free until the 8th of December.

The information on their web site is also misleading:

Players who order Battle of Jakku DLC can fight the battle one week early; all other players will get access to this content on Tuesday, 8 December 2015.

Remember: The expansion is free for everyone. These early access codes that they’re selling were meant to be given out to people who pre-ordered the base game. This is what Electronic Arts say on their web site:

Will all retailers be offering the Battle of Jakku pre-order offer?

Yes, the offer will be available at all retailers accepting pre-orders for Star Wars Battlefront.

And in response to customers’ concerns on Facebook:

The Battle of Jakku is free for everyone that purchases Star Wars Battlefront, but fans that pre-order will get this content one week early.

So there’s no grey area here. The expansion is free.

I’ve put a call in to EA’s press office, and if they ever get back to me then I’ll edit this post to let you know what they say. But in the meantime, just keep in mind that any retailers selling early access codes for Jakku are selling codes that should have gone out for free to other customers.




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