Keep your Lowepro receipts forever!

Watch out if you ever need to rely on Lowepro’s lifetime warranty as there’s a little catch you might not be aware of.

I’ve been asking them to honour the warranty on this lens pouch that has failed after a couple of years:


You might not be surprised to hear that Lowepro wanted to see the receipt, which after two years I didn’t have. What will possibly surprise you is why they refuse to honour the warranty without the receipt.

See, it’s a lifetime warranty so it doesn’t matter how long ago I bought it. That’s not why they want the receipt. And I want a replacement, not a refund, so it doesn’t matter how much I paid for the pouch. That’s not why they want the receipt either.

The reason why Lowepro insist on seeing a receipt is because I have to prove that I didn’t buy the lens pouch second hand. (I’m not sure why this invalidates a “lifetime” warranty, but Lowepro says it does.)

To take Lowepro up on their warranty you have to submit the item to an authorised representative who will inspect it and at their discretion either repair or replace it. Where they’ve caught me out is with one bit of smallprint, and it’s in their definition of lifetime:

This warranty lasts as long as you, the original purchaser, own your Lowepro product.

Without a receipt I can’t prove that I’m the “original purchaser”. So my warranty is worthless.

They’ve offered to sell me a new pouch with some money off, but that’s not really the point.


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