Scottish Gas launch new DIY initiative?

Our landlord has breakdown cover for our boiler with Scottish Gas, but trying to get an engineer to visit can be a frustrating experience. Helpfully they only do visits during normal working hours, when we’re, ya know, working. They do offer ’emergency’ evening appointments — with a SEVEN WEEK waiting list. But the biggest problem is that their engineers have a nasty habit of turning up and leaving a “sorry you were out” card, when you were home the whole time.

We’d finally managed to get one of their fabled emergency weekend appointments today, and we waited in all morning. No sign of the engineer. At midday we went to get the mail and found this stuck through the letterbox:

gas parts

Now the ninja calling card wasn’t a surprise. It has happened before and it’ll surely happen again. What did surprise me was that he left the parts for us to carry out the repair ourselves! Surely not a wise move. The advice from the Health & Safety Executive is:

DIY gas work won’t save you money — it could cost your life.  Don’t try to fit, fix or move gas appliances such as a boiler or cooker – use a Gas Safe registered engineer who has the right skills to carry this work out safely.

Understandably, when I called Scottish Gas to ask if I was meant to carry out the repair myself, they rushed through a new engineer appointment for tomorrow. Maybe we should put some superglue on the letterbox so it’ll grab a hold of him when he tries to ninja his calling card through it…

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