Rare opportunity to photograph church service

Last weekend I had a rare opportunity to photograph a church service. The story was about a new stained glass window being blessed at a church in town. I knew I’d have to do a picture of the bishop and other people with the window in the background, but I also knew that wasn’t going to be a very pretty picture considering the layout of the church and the height of the window. So I tried to make sure I got some strong candid images during the service.

This one encapsulated the story, I thought. The stained glass window was in memory of Saint Mary MacKillop, who founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and some of the Sisters had come to see the window being blessed. When the sun shone, the Sisters were illuminated…

Saint Mary MacKillop window

Another thing I tried was a simple technique where you mist up the rear element of your lens, which gives you a dreamy sort of image with glowing lights and other hazy effects. Sometimes it works really well, other times it doesn’t. Sure it’s an effect you could do in Photoshop but where’s the fun in that? 🙂

Saint Mary MacKillop window

You mist up the lens just by breathing on it, or by using a very thin coating of vaseline. But seeing as most of us don’t carry a tub of vaseline around with us, breathing on it usually has to do!


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