New game starring Ellen Page isn’t as Ellen Page as game that wasn’t even meant to be Ellen Page in the first place

It didn’t escape anyone’s attention that Ellie in The Last of Us bore an uncanny resemblance to Canadian actress Ellen Page. In fact, the similarity stole some of the thunder from Beyond: Two Souls, a game starring Ellen Page herself. There were even complaints made and the similarity was toned down, but not very far. It’s surprising, therefore, that the Two Souls developers didn’t put more effort in to making Jodie, their female lead, look more like the star who was playing her…

ellen page comparison

Sure they’ve got the general face shape and the hair to be sort of right, but it’s not exactly a spitting image. Ellen Page was a natural choice to play the lead in a video game, but there’s not a lot of point doing it when a different game has already done it better.

ps. Any idea what Ellen Page’s middle name is? It’s Philpotts 🙂 lol

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