Lower-frame subjects

It’s common to keep subjects over to the side of a photo, but a couple of times lately I’ve put them in the lower half of the frame and been surprised by how well the composition works.

I’d shot some pics of this restaurant owner with him further away from the building, but they weren’t punchy enough to run small and they weren’t good enough to run large. So in desperation I got him to stand near the archway and then shot upwards to catch the name of the restaurant. I thought the angle would come across as awkward but to my eye it’s got a sort of candid feel to it, which is always a good thing in a posed photo.

The Arch, Ullapool

Right at the end of shooting a feature about a new Land Rover, someone mentioned the huge sunroof that I’d failed to notice. How do you very quickly make a nice picture of a piece of glass? I got the reviewer to sit in the back seat of the car and gaze up at the sunroof, and surprisingly the composition seemed to work. Admittedly it’s not a very flattering picture (I usually avoid shooting women from below, and the lighting on her arm doesn’t do her any favours either) but in the absence of any better ideas, it did the job. It’s a shame the sky wasn’t blue that day.

Range Rover Evoke road test

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