Asda price guarantee not as good as it sounds

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Watch out if you try to take Asda up on their “10% cheaper” guarantee. It all looks nice and simple on the TV adverts, but there’s a whole heap of nasty small print that lets them wriggle out of beating their competitors’ prices.

If  you believe the TV adverts then the Asda price guarantee makes it a no-brainer to shop at Asda. What they promise is: If you could have bought your shopping cheaper elsewhere then they’ll will give you the difference. They’ll even beat their competitors by 10%. But in reality it isn’t quite as simple as that.

I ordered Grand Theft Auto 5 from Asda, safe in the knowledge that they’d be cheaper than all the other supermarkets, and if they weren’t then I could claim back the difference. But after buying the game from Asda for £39.97 I saw that Tesco were doing it for £38. I put in a claim for the £1.97 difference plus the £3.80 to beat Tesco by 10% like the adverts promise. This was Asda’s reason for not paying:

I’m sorry we sold the game £1.97 more expensive than another store. I can appreciate as we pride ourselves on low prices and promise to be 10% cheaper, this must be disappointing.

To carry out a price comparison on your shopping, you must have bought at least eight different grocery items, one of which needs to be comparable against our four main competitors on the date of your shop.

Unfortunately, as this isn’t a grocery item, we’re unable to compare this product.

And sure enough if you check their terms & conditions you’ll see that the TV ads aren’t telling the whole story. Yes, you have to buy at least eight different items. No, the guarantee doesn’t cover anything other than grocery items. Far from the price promise that the adverts would have you believe.

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