Light field camera at consumer price

lytroIt was a fair few years ago that I first heard of light field cameras, which basically allow you to capture an image and then set the focus in post-processing. You can produce several photos from the same capture, each with different focal planes. You can create tilt-and-shift style images with slanted focal places. You can even shift the perspective slightly which, although it’s a neat trick when you first try it, it probably has limited use.

I’d love to have the variable focus technology in my work camera. But the first mainstream camera to utilise the technology, the Lytro,  is aimed squarely at the consumer market, with a £399 price tag. It has actually been available for a few months and supposedly Amazon are selling it, or at least they were, as they appear to have stopped offering it in their UK store. There are loads of eBay stores selling it.

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