Sim City at 2560×1440 / max settings

I got a phone call at 5:10pm today to say that my iMac was in stock a day earlier than expected, so I dashed across town and got to the store just before they closed. I got the 27″ version with the 3.2GHz processor and the 675MX graphics card. It was a long-held promise that I’d treat myself to an iMac if I ever got a staff job!

Needless to say it’s a stunning machine. Beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use. The first thing I did after setting it up was install Sim City, which I’d been playing on my MacBook Air — with all the settings on minimum, and it was still sluggish. On the iMac I can have everything cranked up to high quality and it runs like a dream. I haven’t built any decent cities yet but here’s a 2560×1440 screenshot of one quick attempt:


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