Solving Unity’s NavMesh “Stop” Bug

(For regular readers, yes this blog is usually about my photography work, but I also program video games for fun! I’m going to be posting some stuff about my new game, and general programming stuff.)

One thing you commonly need to do when using Unity’s NavMesh pathfinding is to stop an agent, either permanently or just paused.

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Apple’s missing headphone socket is a warning of deadly arrogance

We’ve seen over the past couple of days that a lot of people are angry about Apple removing the headphone socket from the next iPhone. Personally it doesn’t affect me. My iPhone 6 Plus will be my last iPhone, so anything missing from the new one is irrelevant to me. But Apple’s decision to drop the headphone socket is something that should concern — and indeed frighten — everyone.

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One random customer’s fight against British Telecom

(UPDATED: 23 May 2016)

This is a bit of an experiment. A consumer journal, if you will.

Over the past few years we’ve had some astonishingly bad service from British Telecom. If you’ve ever been a BT customer then you’ll know the score: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and you’ll never get to the end of the ever-expanding list of complaints hoops that you have to jump through.

BT’s customer service policy is quite transparent: Exhaust the customer so they give up.

It’s effective. We’re owed thousands of pounds for downtime and loss of business, but we’ve given up trying to get the money. It’s never going to happen. We’re owed £375 in erroneous charges for engineer visits. We’ll never get that money back. One time BT just randomly charged us £70 for a router. We’ll never see that money again.

But there’s something different about the latest thing that’s gone wrong…

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